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Student Accommodation

 2010-04-02 Under Construction
We display details of a known Accommodation placement service in Perth WA
Other options
1. Homestay with Thai family/friends - we will add detail
2. Hostels/Backpackers service - here isa link to google search "Hostels in Perth WA".  We will add more info as we work through the sites
3. We created a special section in our Forum - link
We have embedded a 3rd party website in the window below. 
If the page does not display or you require a larger screen click here for ENGLISH OR Google Translation to Thai ไทย

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Website Thai


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  • Best Practices policy
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    • contact our consultants or
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AusWaThai contacts

  • Phill Smith
  • Thailand 
  • Bangkok - Arwee or Janis
  • Khon Kaen - Dusi
  • Phuket - Centre of Thai Law
  • Phuket - Adrian Matthews
  • Pattaya - Paisain (lawyer office)
  • North Thailand - Mim
    Contact details will be added in another schedule, in the meantime contacts shown in Green also appear in the Team AusWaThai