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The significant finding is the "absence of empathy" and wiliness to accept objective feedback "a complaint is a gift".
Handling Complaints

1[ ] never argue with the customer

2[ ] don’t lecture

3[ ] ask them to explain the problem

4[ ] empathise – (take an interest)

5[ ] confirm the problem

6[ ] summarise the key points

7[ ] get them to agree with the points

8[ ] get the person’s ideas

9[ ] say what you can do


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Biz Visa 2010 refused 

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Biz Visa 2009 refused 

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Tourism office Aust & WA

Tourism office Australia and WA 2009-2010
No interest in Customer feedback, not able to delivery their core objective.  
Staff are highly defensive and dogmatic when challenged.  (to view in a larger screen - click here)

Australian Passport Renewal Priority Process

Australian Passport renewal process 2010    We road test the service.        larger window - click here