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Agents wanted

 Translator - and convert to Thai.  Note - if you can not understand, please do not register. 
We seek competent, self motivated individuals with knowledge of English and Thai language, based in:
      •  Perth W.A. (West Australia)
      • Thailand.
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Our Customers
Business clients - subagents and/or workers; Promote or collect market research, personal assist with language and transport
Holiday clients - Personal host for Travel, shopping, Culture. 
Make their holiday an experience to remember.
  • you might be based in Bangkok and like to help farang with shopping and travel guide.. ok let us know about you and new friendships.
  • You might be based in Phuket with office and staff and want to help business clients from Australia - please give details of business experience  

Personal Assistant Thailand

2009-11 project: Exec Tours Bangkok: The website shows P.A. service - our goal is assist Execs on fastrack visits to Bangkok.
2010-12 our 1st tour group visited Bangkok - media article
What's critical....
  1. Language and Culture Knowledge,
  2. People skills,
  3. Geography Knowledge,
  4. Experience - in Business or Tourism
If you have the skills and enthusiam please register, see below
Please look at the other entries in the register to see what type of information we require - the detail needs to help people know about and how you can help them.


Most competent Biz people will agree you need to know your market.!
If your doing biz in Thailand you need to understand your customer base, the people, the culture. Spending time with local people is a pretty simple initiative. Otherwise if your just seeking time our then we know the revitalising benefit of time with genuine people.


Already have a business!
If your business or services compliment our objectives (linking Australia and Thailand) please contact us for strategic Partnership. 


AusThai Biz agents registration

2009-07 the online registration is new and subject to trial.
before you complete - view existing Thai Agents Directory  to see style of information to promote yourself. 
No contact information will be made Public.
The venture is new, we have enthusiam and believe in good ideas!
Progress of Projects - click here
host a tourist ......  we promote you in our travel website PHH
host business people .. we promote you in on our business website
Good luck!!

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