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Photo log

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app will auto position North before starting photos
Unable to find the associated list page.


in short 

the share link within app to Facebook is the fastest loading widget but not the most detailed

some other widgets are loaded below for speed test against facebook

Facebook: click image to open the 360 view in facebook

widget loads quicker, 1st upload into loads fast, lacks 

other apps
various widgets for 306 spherical with different features in host site test apps widgets 360

wide view

same standard size used for other 360 Host / cloud sites  https://viewer.hangar.com/o046mJj2

view square

can increase to any size 

Other host sites include 
Theta / Dermandar and others see list in section below called 360 host sites

various widgets for 306 spherical with different features in host site test apps widgets 360

Download file

currently the only option is load into facebook then at bottom of post (in stream view) (get someone to like the post then view view the like link to see in stream
the option for download will be a lower quality 
you can then tinker with the image  include resize and then uopload into other sites 

360 Cloud Sites

General info on 360

Hanger 360 site

Test app

for newbies 

always wait for the gps to be set, this can be a few seconds or 20 seconds ... wait !!
work thru the initialise checklist

when the launch engages  (u can cancel anytime in the P switch or sports mode)

1. hover 
2. takes of (like a rocket .. lol) races vertically to position
3. at the default height pic the photo process begins, it will rotate around the  camera axis and with clouds above it will appear to be going of course .. just ride the cut switch but dnt do it  lol 
4. the screen will show the no of pics to be taken and the progress
5. on complete the app shows the options to continue or return to home
6. during RTH you can hit the switch and over ride and switch back to normal speed/mode 

you can over ride the default height 

all photos are on the SD card, if the pic does not process in their server you can use the pcis in SD card to do a manual 360 using various stitch mobile apps or desktop apps

the deskop apps (good them) will produce a larger file size than the mobile app  

ideally it would be great use DJI go to fly and in flight, at position switch to the hanger app and then switch back

others may suggest you use app Litchi which includes 360 / pano mode

Get App

website Hangar 360


switch between apps: Hanger and DJI go = Yes, some rules apply faq list
must do a force close of apps when switching

Photo stitch

The app auto stitches the photos in their cloud
all photos are on your device 

to manually stitch we use 


Panorama Studio    approx US 80 - buy it

  • Stitches 360 spherical photos,

  • Add logos (spherical 2D 3D cylinder)

  • Create interactive 360 spherical images with embedded links

Other 360 spherical apps

we will list them in drone apps

Mavic Pro Cradle 

LuckyPhill  GIF

Mavic Pro stuff

Subpage Listing

Abstract stuff

once you have the stitched photo you can create some interesting abstract images 


some 360 / spherical editor apps include option to create little planet or mirror ball effect 

we will add a list and if you know more pls let us know 

1st you need to get control of the image
Hangar does not (at the time of typing this) let you download from their cloud, however you can download it from facebook (explained in our photo log page)

once you have the image you can use apps smartphone or desktop to create / modify

we found the easiest for maximum file size was to upload into the ricoh theta cloud where you can view the image in various mode and during the view take  a copy from the screen and paste / download