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Location: BANGKOK
The medical care you will receive in Bangkok is second to none, with the attention on service and hospitality as well as professionalism. The facilities offered are on par with the best hospitals in Europe and the US and you will find any procedure available here.

Thailand is noted for its standards in the medical profession and the Thais are naturally good at this, providing comfortable, even VIP, surroundings.The doctors in Bangkok are experts in their respective fields, having mostly been trained in US medical colleges and able to speak fluent English. While not all doctors in Bangkok are trustworthy, those doctors in reputed hospitals, such as Bumrungrad, Bangkok General and Samitivej, are very experienced and skill, often trained abroad. A general consultation fee with a physician/GP costs less than $15.

We DO NOT offer Medical advice....   DO NOT consider this option without discussing with your Medical Advisor
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Selection criteria
Care, Comfort, Convenience and customer feedback
Background information about Tourism Medical in Thailand - click here


Bangkok hosts facilities that inspiring!
We introduce one, the Best  .......Bumrungrad! ...see why read more
Background information about Tourism Medical in Thailand - click here

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