The dentists in Bangkok are the best in Thailand, with most garnering their knowledge in US dental colleges and employing the same techniques in Bangkok dental surgeries. You will find state-of-the-art equipment and all the latest treatment options for your teeth at Bangkok dentists, all at very reasonable prices.
It makes good sense to get a dental check up and clean, or treat yourself to teeth whitening while on holiday in Thailand, and not surprisingly many of these dentists in Bangkok advertise in local tourist media. They are mostly professional, use modern techniques and equipment and seldom keep you waiting. The biggest satisfaction however is the price, with a standard visit costing less than US$20, and teeth whitening from as little as $120.
Teeth whitening
Teeth whitening in Bangkok is one of the main treatment options with medical tourists. Dentists in Bangkok have all the latest technology and techniques at their disposal, with laser whitening treatment and whitening gels to get your teeth looking bright. This can all be done in less than an hour and results really do make you look better.
The cheapest method is a do-it-yourself gel and gum guard arrangement that takes seven night sessions while you sleep, for $120. More practical is the newest technology, a UV bleaching process which is safe, painless and over in an hour, for about $250. Or you can opt for the full laser treatment at $350.
Dental crowns

Dental crowns, also known as dental caps, are competitively priced and can be done in one or two sittings. You can choose from plastic, metal or porcelain (ceramic) and can be sure that they will last 10 years or more when fitted by a Bangkok dentist. Again, they are significantly cheaper
than back home and are made at laboratories in Bangkok so can be ready for fitting within a few days. You’ll have to think of matching them to newly whitening teeth while you go about it, so the cost overall might be prohibitive in a more expensive country.
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Dentists (alpha)

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 19 Dental Clinic 


  • within our Tour Residence
  • Local and International clientele
  • Street frontage modern premises
    • webpage includes link to prices



 Bangkok Dental Spa 

Dentist Bangkok, Dentist Thailand, Bangkok Dental Spa in sukhumvit soi-19,Bangkok, Thailand



  • within our Tour Residence
  • Local and International clientele
  • Located on the 2nd floor of Modern office retail / office complex
  • comprehensive website    website

 Bumrungrad Hospital Dental Centre



  • within 1km of our Tour Residence

Possibly the most expensive dental centre in Thailand yet much cheaper than Aus. Bumrungrad’s expertise in everything medical extends to its dental aspirations. Many medical tourists looking for dental work head for Bumrungrad, with its highly qualified team of dentists, fantastic facilities, and range of treatments.
Sukhumvit Soi 3 (Soi Nana Nua), Wattana, Bangkok    webpage



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