Bumrungrad Hospital BANGKOK
The leading Hospital in Asia. 

Video intro

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Before you view the diverse range of  comfort statements on their Website (below) view this video.....  
The more you see the more your thinking 
shifts from hesitation to
"how do I make a Reservation" 
It's more like a 5 star hotel than a hospital!
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What we do

AusWaThai Inspect and populate good ideas, it's not an obligation - it's an opportunity  read more....

To proceed

We recommend you view the Bumrungrad website (link below).
Everything you need to know is displayed (very good website). Then contact us for a chat (not medical advice!)
TIPS on the Bumrungrad website (below)
use the search box (top right corner) and type topic ie., "hair transplant" and see the quick links
Try the price and comparison model  - they are not the cheapest in Asia, however it's not just about price!
FAQ's ...  very easy...  simply register (it's free)  click here, then ask and will receive!
Bumrungrad Hospital website - if the page does not display or
you require a larger screen -
click here

Aussie Exec Tours


A unique tour service for Aussie Execs and their team

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Tour Options 
Monthly tours (fee basis) or  D.I.Y. (do it yourself) tour 
  • We do not offer medical assessment - please consult your Doctor.
  • only consider this option if it suits your Timeframe, Budget and Travel options.

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