Advantages of Teamwork
Reasons for a Team Building Event
  • Shared input leads to discovery of team dynamics
  • Increased likelihood of implementation of new ideas
  • Evaluate the circle of communication
  • Shared information means increased synergy
  • Involvement of everyone in the process
  • Higher likelihood of implementation of new ideas
  • Increased understanding of other peoples perspectives
  • Increased opportunity to draw on individual strengths
  • Ability to compensate for individual weaknesses
Develops personal relationships 

Teamwork Definitions   -  What is a team?

A team is a group of people who are mutually dependent on each other striving to achieve a common goal. Effective and productive teams, at both the worker and managerial level, are the desired end product of most organisation development interventions.

As organisations become more complex in their structures, teamwork through task forces, staffs and so on will become even more important - and thus the importance of team building.


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