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1. This page is Networks/Support agencies in Australia.  For networks in Thailand see the link in this page
2. Some 3rd Party websites have been embedded for your convenience.
3. We include a summary of our experience with the 3rd parties (colour coded according to synergy)
4. Our objective is Positive media, however in sometimes it's necessary to expose obstruction, refer link "obstacles"  


Australian Govt., Dept., Foreign Affairs & Trade
2010-11 Update: Media Article: emailed the Minister for urgent help: waiting for a reply?
2009-10 Update: Media Article we contacted officers of the seminar for more material - no positive response received
DFAT and Austrade help Australian business enter new markets and maximise trade and investment opportunities.   Their slogan:  "We have the networks and skills to help you succeed internationally".
Offices for DFAT and Austrade in Perth WA = Level 17, Exchange Plaza Sherwood Court.


APEC Business Travel Card Scheme

Managed by the Department of Immigration, this system was developed to make travelling within the 17 APEC member countries much simpler and more efficient.
2010-09: update: contacted their office - staff polite, responsive and action orientated
2009-11 update: staff are helpful and website is very good.
We use and recommend. The card gives priority immigration clearance .. Further info on their website


2010-11 Update: Media Article: emailed Bangkok office for collaboration on 2010-11-20  tba 
2009-12 Update: from Austrade Bangkok "we have no capacity to assist with other Embassy dept., issues"  refer DFAT slogan (above) ??? 
2009-11 emailed Austrade Bangkok seeking collaboration - no response in Oct or Nov ?
2009-10 Media Article contacted WA Manager to collect more material - no response received
2009- WA office is highly responsive, prompt and enthusiastic - consistently!
We have embedded a 3rd party website.
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Australia - Thailand Institute  
The Australia-Thailand Institute (ATI) was established in mid 2005. The purpose of the ATI is to further promote bilateral relations with Thailand and to expand institutional, cultural and people-to-people links.
2010-11 UPDATE Co hosted Seminar (Austrade, ATI and B.O.I. (Board of Investment). The Chairman (Mr. Courtnall) was moderator of the Seminar. We rated his performance very high!  His biz card now added to our database.   Media article of the event created. Links  our blog articles - ATI   our forum articles ATI  
2009-20 UPDATE from ATI (ATI) is an advisory body.  It's main role is to provide grant funding to individuals and organisations to undertake programs and activities that broaden and deepen the relationship between Australia and Thailand. 
In response to your email dated 14 December, the ATI will advertise in April 2010 seeking applications for funding of projects that commence from 1 July 2010 - 30 June 2011.  We will widely advertise in the press, both in Australia and Thailand, and on websites seeking individuals and organizations to submit an application.  Please monitor our website for details.
2009-20 contacted their office many times. No one is able to give advice or personal contact. They are a review panel for funding only, relying on their website to represent their functions.
2009-05 Desk officer (Darrell) responded quickly & with empathy. 

A.T.I. - Grant Applications

The Australia Thailand Institute is now calling for grant applications in the following four priority areas:

  • Public Policy, including democratic governance and public administration, and trade and economic reform;
  • Environment; Education; and Culture and the Arts including sport.
for more details use the link above to access their website.


Thailand Australia Free Trade Agreement  - click here 


2009-05: Management is pro active and responsive.

Australian Exporters

2009-03 Update: Prompt to assist and promote exporters
We have embedded a 3rd party website. 
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Australia Thailand Business Council


The Australia Thailand Business Council (ATBC) operates via Australian and Thai Sections based respectively in Australia and Thailand. The latter section was established in 1987

2009-11 emailed their office seeking "knowledge, Promotion and support" - No response?
2009-01 emailed their office seeking "knowledge, Promotion and support" - No response?
click on the icon to link to their website.


Various networks in Thailand
as we find them we will review and report

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