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Austrade EMDG Grant updates Nov 2008

posted 2 Jan 2009, 18:48 by Sawasdee Biz
Issue 17: November 2008

Applications closing SOON
Don’t forget that applications for the 2007-08 grant year close on 1 December 2008. Ensure that you either post or hand deliver your EMDG application to your local EMDG office so that it reaches us by close of business on 1 December. Austrade cannot, by law, accept late applications. Before submitting your application please check that you have filled out all relevant questions and schedules and attached relevant documents. Visit www.austrade.gov.au/exportgrants/howtoapply for details of our application acceptance policy and required attachments to your application form. 

Change to eligible expenses
In response to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution 1803 (calling on Australia to avoid support contributing to Iran’s nuclear activities) the Government has decided that, as of 15 November 2008, export promotion expenses incurred in relation to the Iran market will no longer be eligible under the EMDG scheme. Eligible expenses to this market that you may have claimed in your 2007-08 grant year application will not be affected. For more details contact your local EMDG office.

Remember, EMDG is changing
Remember that changes to the EMDG scheme apply to export promotion expenditure incurred from 1 July 2008 and applications lodged from 1 July 2009. If you have already received 2 grants please note that for next year’s application, you will need to satisfy the requirements of an EMDG performance measure in order to receive further grants. Visit our Publications page and download a copy of the 'EMDG performance measure' fact sheet to find out more. If you received or are applying for your seventh grant this year remember that, under the new scheme rules, you may still be eligible to apply for an eighth grant next year. Read more.

Application tips
  • If someone other than one of the listed authorised officers signs the application form please remember to include with your application a letter authorising that person to sign the form.
  • If you are part of a related companies group please remember to fill out and attach the Related Company Schedule.
  • When filling in the application form, make sure that the 'applicant name' is the correct legal entity running the business, not just a trading name.
  • If you are applying for your second or subsequent grant, it is a good idea to refer to the ‘adjustments and comments’ on your previous year’s notice of grant determination as a reference point.
  • You do not need to attach all your supporting documentation to your application form - just attach those that are specified in the application guide. However, you should keep your supporting documentation in a folder so that you have it on hand at the time of the assessment audit.

SomnoMed Limited is an Australian medical device company specialising in the treatment of sleep disordered breathing. The company has firmly established itself in overseas markets having set-up North American headquarters outside Dallas, Texas, European headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, and expanding into Asia through its Asia-Pacific headquarters in Sydney. Find out more about SomnoMed’s success and how the EMDG scheme helped.

Finalists announced for the 2008 Australian Export Awards
84 finalists, winners in their respective state and territory export awards, are now vying for their chance to win in one of 13 Australian Export Award categories. Collectively, these companies have generated export earnings worth more than $9.2 billion over the past financial year, and employed more than 40,000 Australians. Over half of the finalists are EMDG recipients. To see the list of finalists or for more information on the Australian Export Award program visit www.exportawards.gov.au.

Australia's financial markets show strength
Austrade’s 2008 Benchmark Report: 'Australia a Global Financial Services Centre', launched at the ASX on 2 October shows over the past year Australia’s financial markets were among the largest, fastest growing and most sophisticated in the Asia-Pacific region. Find out more.

Meet buyers at Global Security Asia tradeshow (17-19 March 09)
Global Security Asia is the region's premier homeland security tradeshow providing an ideal opportunity for Australian companies offering solutions in crime and law enforcement, counter-terrorism, surveillance, and security to access a growth market. Meet key customers by exhibiting in the distinctly branded Australian Pavilion. Networking opportunities delivered by Austrade Singapore will also help you connect with key buyers of security products and services from both the private and public sectors. Visit www.austrade.gov.au/globalSECasia09 to apply.

Are you entitled to exemptions from customs duty and GST?
AusIndustry's Tradex Scheme allows an importer to gain an up-front exemption from Customs Duty and GST on any eligible imported goods that are intended for export. Export may be carried out by the importer or a third party. The Scheme can provide significant cash flow advantages.  For further information, contact the AusIndustry hotline on 13 28 46 or visit www.ausindustry.gov.au