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AusWaThai - the latest for mid 2010

posted 21 Jul 2010, 01:25 by Sawasdee Biz   [ updated 31 Jul 2010, 22:42 ]
What's the latest at AusWaThai
We continue to develop the links and services that support our Mission statement
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Changes to websites
AusWaThai - Home page - The home page was re made in May 2010  see more
Best E Networks - Aussie and Thai  - our Friends club page was changed (June 2010) to Best E Networks. We now display the "Best" E Networks for linking Aussie and Thai .. see more
Study Visa to WA - we gave this project a lot of attention during the last 6 months. It has been problematic, in essence questionable absence of support by Tourism Australia and W.A. (Thai students are a major source of Toruism revenue so what's the problem).  The project is without leadership of Thai volunteers, that is, a few have tried but unable to manage and require help. Unfortunately our resources (people) are maxed out so a few weeks ago it was decided to suspend the project. 
Our Thailand employee is in Perth as a sponsored model Thai student for promotion of this project.  Their program may now be modified, it depends on what options fall from the sky .. we are trying to work a few options but running out of puff!
Cultural Exchange - The wepage has finally been shifted from this Business website to the WA Thai Community website. The project continues to receive new visitors from Thailand. The link is via this website or the projects page.  (website)
Our Forum is ever so popular .. It's purpose built for Aussie and Thai, however the largest reader base is U.S.A. -  see the intro page
Team Members - more volunteers have been added, we now include members personal Photo albums - Team Members
Photo Albums - we are very pleased with the updates. The album (see link on the auswathai website) now includes names of people and tag words for automatic creation of personal albums - it's a lot of fun and lets people discover each other. 

Aussie Travel Thailand - (website) many changes based on our practical use and feedback.  The focus has shifted to Bangkok to develop the project "aussie Exec Tours Bangkok". The project is A Joint venutre with SME Thailand. 
Thai Travel WA - (website) W
e have had to suspend development pending leadership and identity of Thai authors to develop the site. For the past 18 months we have tried to develop this website. It's purpose is to help thai Travel to WA.  We do not have any volunteers to lead the project (it needs to be Thai, unless it has a thai culture it will not be supported by the Thai Community).
We have created the basic website but we need to give it a style that appeals to Thai people, we are not sure what their priorities are (no feedback) and we can not find any thai people to develop the site ie., translate.
We have modified the front page to explain this and suggest the Thai travellers contact other Thai managed websites.
Aussie Exec Tours Bangkok website. - Continues to grow every month. We are either adding venues or writing Travel stories and the Tourism Industry Thailand (Thai or foreigner) are very hospitable (contrary to attitude of Tourism Australia).  The Team building section has just been added and many enquiries are flowing, we apologise for rejecting bookings but we have trying to finalise resources. A media article to promote the Team Building section will be released within shortly (AFTER we clear the end of year bookwork for audits... sorry!!!!)
World Travel Tips - June 2010 we added several sections to help Travellers - the page is linked on the AuswaThai home page.


Blogger Facelift - May 2010 the makeover began - it's now brighter and stunning and many readers are enjoying - see more


Networks Thailand - May 2010 we began upgrading our Network Directory from our monthly visits to Bangkok.

How can you keep in Touch 

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