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Bangkok City living Economy tours gets underway

posted 9 Feb 2009, 22:11 by Sawasdee Biz   [ updated 9 Feb 2009, 22:21 ]
The official Website to Travel Thailand will soon have special tour concepts added, the 1st is
"Economy City living in Bangkok"
we going to make you feel like a local, we will map out where you live, your friends, your daily and night activities and then you can experience inner city living in Bangkok, one of the worlds biggest and most dynamic cities  - yet the cost can be so low you'll think it's impossible and the range of daily / night activities will make it an adventure you'll never forget.
if you'd like to know more just get onto our home page and complete the online request for E News (only 2 questions to answer) and select the option for Travel Thailand.
Up to You!
our travel page on Bangkok  http://sites.google.com/a/austhai.biz/thailand/Home/bangkok  sorry the tour details are hidden