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Beer Brewery Tawandang Bangkok is a Bottler Bonanza

posted 10 Jun 2010, 08:41 by Sawasdee Biz   [ updated 28 Jun 2010, 06:25 ]
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If you can repeat the title twice backwards then I promise you free Beer tomorrow!
I can't remember a more bizarre infusion of .....  well actually I can remember, but that's another story
This place is, like most things in Thailand, the 7th Wonder of the world
It's a little yukkie on the outside, but like Los Vagas "don't look in the daylight" and at night.. it's a fairytale.  secure your seat and an hour later you wish you were right smack bang in the middle of the venue enjoying the .....  hmm... want to know more .. see pics and video . click here
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