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Dr Golf - Thailand's solution to extending your driving life

posted 2 Nov 2009, 22:01 by Sawasdee Biz   [ updated 9 Nov 2009, 21:08 ]
Dr. Golf aka Dr Nanthadej is an experienced orthopaedic specialist and himself an excellent golfer. He coordinates Bumrungrad's Doctor Golf services.

Bumrungrad International is Asia’s Leading Hospital with in excess of 430,000 international patients ..
Just ask anyone who has been to Bumrungrad Hospital, I don’t mean for treatment, I mean simply just visited, they will tell you it’s “out of this world”.
The 6 most common golf injuries: causes, symptoms, solutions
Only about 40 percent of amateur golfers are injured while playing the sport. Research on golf-related injuries shows most of these injuries involve the back, elbows, shoulders, wrists/hands, knees or hips.
All golfers, regardless of the level at which they play, should know what causes the most common injuries, what their symptoms are, and when they should seek the help of a physician.
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