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Thailand golf sale - 80% off Nov/Dec 2009 only ....... oh my B....

posted 4 Nov 2009, 01:28 by Sawasdee Biz   [ updated 6 Nov 2009, 02:23 ]
 2009 Golf Fair  23/11/2009 to 05/12/2009
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Quite frankly I can't see it going the distance, because at 80% off it can't last. Be warned there will be a Traffic Jam on the BTS Skytrain. Thaniya Plaza has a direct walkthru connection from the Skytrain station Sala Daeng so it's sooooo easy to get there.
Do you know what Thaniya Plaza is?   oh my B.......   It's a Golfers Fantasia.  A 4 storey shopping Complex (it's really really big) and everything is Golf.  You don't pop in, you Tour.....
To see about Thaniya visit our "Business Exec's Tour" website Bangkok - Golf shopping, includes maps and where to stay in town etc.,
at the bottom of this article is a copy of the Sept 70% off sale.
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Golf Sale - September 2009 - 70% off
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