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Our Target market Services to Tourism

what we offer

What we offer
  1. free stuff:->   Promote your Business 

  3. not free stuff: .. see below

Media services

Media Services
Our travel websites have a wide audience (Thailand and Australia), we write news articles about your business and populate into our audience base or we create promotional material for the internet - see more here


expand your market with web tools
View this pps presentation to appreciate the opportunities, you can purchase the knowledge or pay us to facilitate the process - read more

Current projects developing Networks into Thailand

Current projects developing Networks into W.A. - Stalled by Aust govt Tourism

more details on our project page   

Web Services

Web Services
"Get you on the web" with a simple webpage 
 We offer entry point webpages and give you password control read more 


Bilateral trade  - Thailand and West Australia 

WA Exporters to Thailand
seeking network services into Thailand  
Austrade are an innovative government agency, we rate them highly.
We can assist with an introduction 


What we do 

AusWaThai Inspect and populate good ideas, it's not an obligation - it's an opportunity  read more....