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 (Longdo is Thai for "please try")

YouTube: Intro Longdo map time: 49secs



  • Visitors

    • Find venues fast, search easy by Biz Name, Product or Services 
    • Browse the map by Industry Icons
    • (Hotels, Restaurants, Travel spots) see 2 min video "basic search"
    • Print the maps in English or Thai or use Longdo MOBILE
    • See contact details, links to website
    • Tag venues and locations (Public or Private)
    • Use the ruler tool, measure distances and track journeys
    • Display photos, record a travel journey or guest book comments
  • Vendors

    • Free webpage 
    • Display map within your webpage,
      • include web links, Photos, Logos and Association groups
    • Create customer/supplier maps (Public or Private)
    • value added benefits in Vendor FAQ's

Best value search


Three (3) powerful search features see video and search models

Our projects

NB: Longdo project started 2009-09 Project notes  - Media article

Costs - it's Free

Visitors - no cost  D.I.Y. (do it yourself).

  • Vendors - no cost  for D.I.Y.
    • Longdo map is high ranking in Google index, your listing links to your website.
    • Optimise: use our service., costs are nominal.
      • If your venue relates to our projects (see above) you will receive bonus web traffic!

Optional: Content enhancement D.I.Y or pay our nominal fee
Optional: Longdo Map extras

  • Page Locking (prevents others from changing page content)... read more
  • Exclusive URL - convert map url to a name url, a very low cost webpage read more


Visitors and Vendors help page - displaying videos and text.

Sample listings


Go to  help page view
  • "Vendors intro"  see examples for  basic, medium, advanced
  • "Tag word Index" see the best tag words to apply and live map samples  

Get Started 

D.I.Y. (do it yourself) or use our Experience for the optimum results
  • To add a venue see the instruction on in the help page "vendors intro". 
    Go to the section called "appoint us" and D.I.Y. or send the basics to us

  • If you don't have time or prefer to use the experts see "our fee charges