Tutorial Page with Map
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Basic Map commands

                                                 Map commands
Language: Top right hand side              Move Location: left mouse click and drag 
Zoom: Left hand side or roll mouse       Display type: top right corner
Ruler: Top left corner                               Print: right mouse click  
Larger map view  click here 
To expand this scroll window see the link at the top of this window

Search power
Longdo map has Three (3) powerful search options to find venues by name, topic/activity, Location etc., help video for visitors for vendors


Search  DetailsSample page
Austcham          austcham   ...  press down arrow to see 
sponsors and member names
austcham members
Aussie venues     aussie  or  aussie venue Aussie Venues
Exec tours bkk   exec tours bkk    
(press the down arrow to see related tag words
Exec Tours Bangkok
Golf courses      Golf Courses ThailandGolf Courses Thailand
Skal BangkokInternational Hospitality  / Travel clubSkal Bangkok
(see sample page)supporting International and Dommestic TravellersTravel Places Thailand


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