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2010-07-25 project shifted to website W.A. Thai Community website - click here
The information below is no longer current


They are noted in the development report - Ironically the key obstacle is the lack of committed action by Govt depts., and the Aust Immigration office (Bangkok). We present our case ask for guidance but we have no luck.
We table the issues and they don't want to discuss - we will publish the list.

Benefits for WA


Improve Community Values - authentic Thai Culture foster excellent family and Community values

Improve WA Import and Export products

   Australia is Thailand's major destination for English Study yet the majority of students do not come to WA?


Project development

We record the progress so everyone can inspect
a. Summary - every monthly we record a 1 line statement about our progress read more
b. Detail - as we have time we revisit this page and update read more


2010-05 we decided to publish details of our obstacles in our forum - maybe someone can help, but better if people will add comment to the article it will give us support read more

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